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Monday, May 12, 2014

Conference sessions are 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Exhibition is 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Opening Reception is 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


9 AM - 9:30 AM

Introduction to the Basics of UV/EB Curing
Dr. Mike J. Idacavage, PL Industries, a division of Esstech Inc.



Photoinitiator - 8 AM - 10 AM

Photopolymerization Using Photolatent Amine Catalysts
Allonas, University of Haute Alsace

Photoinitiating Covalently Bound Organically-Modified Clay Additives
T. Brian Cavitt, Abilene Christian University

Novel Phosphine Oxide Photoinitiators
Dr Petr Sehnal, Lambson Limited

Adhesives - 8 AM - 10 AM

High Performance Materials for Laminating Adhesives
Jin Lu, Sartomer USA LLC

A Formulator's Guide to Energy Curable Laminating Adhesives
Eileen Jaranilla-Tran, RAHN USA Corporation

UV-triggered Thermosetting Film Adhesives
Don Herr, Adhesives Research, Inc.

Light Curable Adhesives for Automotive and Electronic Applications and the Benefits of Surface Treatment
Jeff Leighty, Plasmatreat USA and Brian Betty, DELO Industrial Adhesives

Electron Beam Polymerization - 10  AM - NOON

Depth/Dose Characterization of Electron-beam Polymerization
Julie Jessop, University of Iowa

Modification of Polymer Surfaces using Electron Beam Induced Graft Copolymerization
Stephen C. Lapin, PCT Engineered System

Electron Beam Treatment of Wood Thermoplastic Composites
Andrew Palm, SUNY ESF

Radiation Initiated Polymerization of Wood Impregnants
L.Scott Larsen, NYSERDA

LED Formulation - 10  AM - NOON

Pushing the Limits of LED Curing and Looking Forward to a Bright Future
Rodney P. Balmer or Dr.Grant T. Shouldice (TBD), Flint Group

A 100% Solids UV LED Curable Coating
Elena Komarova, Kegel LLC

UV-LED Photoinitiators – The Right Tool for the Job
Dr. Mike J. Idacavage, PL Industries, a division of Esstech Inc.

Recent Progress In UV-A, UV-B, & UV-C LED Technology And Emerging Applications
Paul Rudy, TLM Advisors

Metal - 1 PM - 3 PM

UV Technology for Protection of Surfaces
Ben Curatolo, Light Curable Coatings

Achieving Adhesion to Difficult Metal and Plastic Substrates
Dr. Mike J. Idacavage, PL Industries

Formulating for Printing & Packaging - 1 PM - 3 PM

Developing Formable Properties in Energy Curable Flexo Inks
Robert Kensicki, Sartomer

Self-Curing Acrylate Resin for UV Consumer Product Printing and Coating Applications
Marc Heylen, Allnex USA, Inc

Mitigating Chemicals of Concern Through the Usage of Novel Energy Curable Acrylate Technology
Anthony Carignano, Allnex USA, Inc. (Formerly Cytec Coating Resins)

Novel Dual Function Photoinitiators for Low Migration and Low Odor Packaging Applications
Eugene V. Sitzmann, BASF Corporation

Electronics - 3 PM - 5 PM

Graphene Based UV-Curable Materials
Marco Sangermano, Politecnico di Torino

Develop a Hybrid Conductive Film With Primer
Nizamidin Jappar, Kimoto Tech Inc.

Production of Stratified Films Utilizing Photopolymerization and Monomer Reactivity
C. Allan Guymon, University of Iowa

Formulation - 3 PM - 5 PM

A Study for Enhancing Through Cure
Kenton Renkema, Red Spot

Formulation and Performance Advances in (Meth)acrylate Based Sealants :A Dual Cure Feasibility Study
Michael Bailey, Sartomer USA, LLC

Shrinkage of UV Oligomers and Monomers
Andreas Moeck, RadLab AG

Dual UV Curing System Using a Dimethacrylate Containing a Chalcone Moiety
Haruyuki Okamura, Osaka Prefecture University


New Product Debut – 8 AM – NOON (FREE TO ALL ATTENDEES)

Presentation by Allnex USA Inc.
Allnex USA Inc.

Custom Formulations for UV/Vis Curing with Low/No Oxygen Inhibition
Neil Cramer, Colorado Photopolymer Solution

DKSH offers Global Products and Services to the UV/EB Curing Industry
Bob Pastore, DKSH North America, Inc.

Presentation by Dymax Corporation
Dymax Corporation

Presentation by Energy Sciences, Inc.
Energy Sciences Inc.

Excimer lamps for photochemical surface modification and cleaning
Blythe Occhipinti, Hamamatsu Corporation

Introduction of UV/EB curable speciality monomers and oligomers for various applications
Bill Mahon, Miwon Specialty Chemical Co., Ltd.

Presentation by Netzsch Instruments North America
Dr. Robert Pieper, Netzsch Instruments North America, LLC

Multi-Functional EB Equipment Design
Karl Swanson, PCT Engineered Systems

Presentation By Qualipoly Chemical Corp
Dr. Chih-Hsiang Tsai, Qualipoly Chemical Corp.

New UV curable diluents and monomers
Mark Smith, San Esters

New UV/EB Solutions for 2014
Sartomer Americas

Novel visible light cationic photoinitiators and their uses in microlithography and related applications
Spectra Group Limited, Inc.

Presentation by Philips Lumileds Lighting Company
Philips Lumileds Lighting Company

Presenation by Carestream

UV Industrial Inkjet / Digital Printing– 2 PM – 4 PM

Who, What and How of Digital Printing
Roy Pagan, Durst

UV Inkjet, an Emerging Industrial Market
Rich Baker, Integrity Industrial Ink Jet Integration, LLC

New Applications for UV Inkjet Inks on Existing Flexo Presses
Muslim Contractor, Collins Inkjet. Kenji Suzuki

3D Printing with UV: Prototypes and Production
Dene Taylor, SPF-Inc.

7 PM - 9 PM

UV LED Measurement
Presentation & Working Discussion with NIST


UV Curing for PVD Applications  - 10 AM - NOON

UV+PVD Systems Design And Integration
Pete Barth, Conforming Matrix Inc.

A Systematic Approach To PVD Coating
Marshall Leininger, Helios Inc.

Paint/PVD/Paint Processes – From Prototype to Production
Josh Magnum, Mustang Vacuum Systems

Design Enabled by UV + EB Technology – 2 PM – 4 PM

The Decorative and Functional Finishing Possibilities with UV-Cured Powder Coating
Michael Knoblauch, Keyland Polymer

Opportunities for Functional Design Using Physical Vapor Deposition and UV Curable Coatings
Jason Eich, Red Spot

Empowering Design & Product Development with Additive Manufacturing
Zehavit Reisin, Stratasys


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